About Us

BML LED lighting supplier

BML lighting is a dynamic and professional supplier of indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions for office, public, commercial and residential applications.
We provide top quality LED lighting, offering excellent performance and cost efficiency.
Our products light offices, industries and homes on the five continents.

A team of people passionate about LED lighting

BML Lighting brings together a highly experienced group of people to deliver high quality LED lighting and unmatched services to our valued customers around the globe. With a decade of expertise in audit and quality control, manufacturing and international business, our team is just another example of BML’s commitment to quality.

BML Limited, incorporated in Hong Kong


Innovation - Sustainability - Excellence

We are willing to go the extra mile to provide our clients with the latest products at their best quality.
BML is committed to use the most fair and transparent business practices with both our suppliers and customers.

Mission Statement

Provide worldwide industries, homes and offices with high quality, reasonably priced and long-lasting LED lighting delivered by technically sound and efficient people.