Quality for a brighter future BML quality control staff work alongside our trusted production partners to ensure our high standards are reached at each stage of the manufacturing process. Before going into mass production, any new product is tested for several months to ensure its stability and reliability (mechanics, thermal management and optics). BML has imposed strict SOPs at each step of the manufacturing process, from the incoming materials to the finished goods. After rolling off the production line, each one of our LED lights goes through an aging test for 24-48 hours. With a fully equipped lighting performance laboratory (integrated sphere, ageing room), deeper tests are then achieved on production batch samples to check our products conformity with our clients requirements. Our LED lights are then ready to be delivered to customers around the world. Only the best BML selects only the best chips and drivers for our products. All components’ suppliers are going through a series of test at the R&D department to make sure end users will have light for a long time. We carefully pick the most reliable chip brands such as CREE, Nichia, Epistar and Bridgelux; taking into account the applications requirements and cost control.

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